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We are two companies working toward one goal: providing our clients with comprehensive planning, design, and information technology services to support all phases of the building cycle. We are specialists in developing strategies to adapt structures for changing climate conditions.

Trudeau Architects, pllc is our planning and design firm. It provides campus facility professionals with architectural services that support each phase of the building cycle, providing experience, innovation and guidance. We will lead the Master Planning process; scope and budget your Capital Project Planning, provide design and construction administration for the Project Management phase, and information technology for Facility Management.

Truarchs Online, llc is our software development affiliate. It provides custom web-based planning and support systems for facility management, including: capital asset management, space management, capital project planning and mobile solutions. We will find innovative, customized, solutions to managing your data needs.

Truarchs Online - We are IT for Facilities Management ®


We can lead you through a planning process that assures success by demonstrating how your Master Plan will support your institution’s overall goals.


We have extensive expertise and can assist your facility with the tools to document, scope, budget and prioritize projects for financing, budgeting and approval requirements.


Our goal is to insure the client’s long term objectives are successfully manifested in the completed form and the client’s financial interests are protected.


Our network of professionals create an environment to move data, research and architectural design services to full facility management support. Our web-based interface applications are customized to the way you do business.

Robert Louis Trudeau is our original founder, having established his firm as "Architect Robert Louis Trudeau". The firm was renamed Trudeau Architects in 1992. Robert (Bob) was invited to give a presentation on his life’s work and career as firm principal. The young firm engaged challenging projects and incorporated structural innovations with a design finesse that expressed light and structure with a palette of primary building materials: concrete, steel, glass, copper, stone and wood. His presentation was given on January 19th, 2017.

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Park along Onderdonk Avenue. You’ll see a line of cars near the intersection with Forts Ferry Road. Follow the stone path to the front of the building (which faces Forts Ferry Road) head inside and up to the second floor.